Self storage has never been easier! The StowBox now with extra service; the StowAssist

I’m sure you’ll meet them regularly, our white StowBox trailers with red carpets. More and more customers are using it. Logically, they are ideal for moving and/or storing your belongings. The StowBox combines a compact design with a very large payload. If necessary, you can put no less than 216 full moving boxes in it.
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Moving or storage plans?

Do you have plans to move, renovate or store part of your household effects? Maybe there’s something stopping you. You moght not have a driver’s license or a car with a trailer coupling. You may also prefer not to drive a trailer. Or are you missing someone to help with loading?

Don’t worry about it. In all these cases you can call on our StowAssist. A reliable and experienced employee who helps you load the StowBox in no time and also drives it to and from the storage location if desired.

A StowAssist really helps

Turning on a StowAssist can therefore save you a lot of time, energy and fuel. Especially when it comes to a somewhat greater distance. That’s never gone, because moving remains a big operation, which almost always takes more time than we had imagined beforehand.

Check our website for all possibilities and the rules for hiring our StowAssist. Do you already know when you want to get started? Then book such a unique, handy StowBox and of course our StowAssist.

Because, no matter how you want to move or whatever you want to store, we are happy to help you!

With a StowAssist:

Save you energy

Your belongings will be in the StowBox in no time – and responsibly loaded.

Save fuel

Two car rides to and from the storage location. The further away you live from the bin, the more attractive it becomes to enable a StowAssist!

Save you time

The StowBox is brought through the StowAssist, loaded together with you and driven away.

So, do you have moving or storage plans?

Self storage has never been easier….