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Over Salland Storage: 

Al sinds 2006 is Salland Storage het adres voor iedereen die behoefte heeft aan het huren van opslagruimte in Deventer en omgeving. Inmiddels kunnen we zeggen dat iedere Deventenaar wel iemand kent die hier in de afgelopen 12 jaar opslagruimte heeft gehuurd. Van de doorsnee Deventenaar tot profvoetballers, popsterren, schrijvers en meer, van 18- tot 98-jarigen. Ook gerenommeerde Deventer bedrijven en instellingen maken onderdeel uit van ons klantenbestand.

The beginning:
Salland Storage was founded by us, the brothers Jan-Hein (1980) and Maarten Streppel (1983) as a sideline next to our IT company Signo. A surplus of space brought the idea of ​​contents storage and furniture storage and so we started Salland Storage. We were the first storage company in the region and the storage activities grew steadily in the years from ’06 to ’11.

stow box

Salland-Storage-Signo-Front door-3-150x150Signo-doorSalland-Storage-Signo-furniture-150x150


With our company Signo we have imported multimedia and storage equipment from Asia since 2002. The market in which Signo operated, the market for media streaming and data storage, became exceptionally fickle around 2009 and beyond. Our customers, for example electronics chains such as iCentre and Dixons, had a hard time. Other customers, such as the large webshops, did not have their own stock due to a different business model. As a result, the risk as an importer became disproportionately high. Together with the currency fluctuations that took place in 2011 and 2012, we accepted a takeover offer in 2012 and decided to focus all our energy on (until then sideline) Salland Storage. The helm was complete, from international to local and from online to offline.

For 2012:

Since 2012, the space rental is our primary process and we focus on Deventer and surroundings. With special storage formulas we serve both the private and business market. The StowBox storage container has been conceived, designed, built by us and is now also marketed by us. Many hours of development, testing, improvement are the basis for this. In addition to Deventer, we have a satellite location in Wijhe and Twello. Here too you can pick up and bring StowBoxes, buy moving accessories or rent storage space.

Our team:

We are a small team that is committed to our tenants.

Sonja de Groot

Sonja de Groot is our centipede. She is your general contact for all executive matters. Sonja guides clients throughout the process, from mapping the space requirements, the registration process, to planning the move. She is the permanent contact for all our (potential) tenants. In addition, Sonja performs a number of hours per week for our business tenants, such as Bonk Elektro. This she combines perfectly with her work as a planner and contact person.

Contact: [email protected]

Working hours Sonja:

Monday 9:00 to 17:00
Tuesday 9:00 to 15:00
Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00
Thursday 9:00 to 15:00
Friday from 9:00 to 15:00

Salland-Storage-Erik-de-BruinErik de Bruin is responsible for all finances within Salland Storage. He is your point of contact for the depreciation of the rent, etc. In addition to work for Salland Storage, Erik also carries out accounting work for our business tenants.



Contact: [email protected]

Working hours Erik:  Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Local involvement

Local involvement also involves involvement with society. We are happy to contribute to the Deventer life. We are shirt sponsor at SV Colmschate football club, but we also support the Gemeentewijzer, the Centrumgarage and various entrepreneurial initiatives.

As a director, Maarten is involved in the Deventer Business Park Management Association, Business Park Management Association and the Port Platform. Through the Rotary Deventer, Maarten is also involved in Deventer charity projects and is part of the organization of the Miglia Daventria Rally.

Jan-Hein is politically active in Deventer and board member of Industrial Design Center in Twente. The IDC connects technical and manufacturing companies with each other, but also with knowledge institutions.

We regularly try to blog about developments in the market and related issues that concern us. You can read this at


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